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Note: The deadline for orders for the Reformation T-shirt have been extended to September 13, 2017.
CANADA – Celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in style and support LCC missions in the process with a new Reformation T-shirt.
The T-shirt features Lutheran Church–Canada’s (LCC) Reformation 2017 logo, and is a great way to share the story of the Reformation in your community. It costs $25 and is available in men and women’s styles, three different colours (black, white, and blue), and four sizes (small, medium, large, and extra large). Costs cover …

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This article reflects on the section of Luther’s Small Catechism dealing with The Lord’s Prayer. Read the relevant portion online in contemporary English here.
Teach Us to Pray
by Edward G. Kettner
The Lord’s Prayer is the third part of Luther’s Catechism. We have heard what God would have us do and leave undone, and seen how far short we fall in keeping them. We confess faith in the God who has created us, redeemed us in Christ, and called us to faith through the preaching of the Good News. The Lord’s Prayer …

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NOTE: An earlier version of the Workbook inadvertently left off two names from the Commission on Adjudication membership list as well as a chart from the LCCFM report. The story now links to a corrected version of the Workbook. Please note that the corrections change the pagination of the original workbook.

CANADA –Lutheran Church–Canada has released the workbook for its upcoming synodical convention to be held October 13-16, 2017 in Kitchener, Ontario. Included in the workbook is information on nominations as well as other important convention information, including overtures as well …

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by Mathew Block
For Martin Luther, the road seemed destined to lead to martyrdom. He had been summoned to appear before the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V at the Imperial Diet of Worms to answer allegations of heresy. And so he left for Worms on April 2, 1521. It would be another 14 days before he would reach the city and stand before the emperor.
A year earlier, Rome had pronounced judgment on Luther’s theology in a papal bull outlining Luther’s purported errors. But the Pope was not in Germany. If his …

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[July 6, 2017 | One Comment | ]

by John R. Stephenson
When Jesus called them into His service, James and John were sitting in the family fishing boat with their father Zebedee, “mending their nets” (Matthew 4:21). After the Resurrection, seven of the apostles had the frustrating experience of spending a whole night fishing on the Sea of Galilee, catching nothing. As we know, in the early morning the Risen Lord stood on the beach and commanded them to cast their net again, in shallow water and broad daylight. Even though they struggled to bring ashore a miraculous …

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by Ward I. Yunker
Rosa J. Young is not a saint who lived in the Reformation era. But she is certainly a saint of the Reformation faith.
In Reformation history, we often refer to the importance of the “First Martin” and a “Second Martin”. The first Martin is the Reformer Martin Luther. The second Martin is Martin Chemnitz, the later Lutheran theologian who was one of the chief authors of the Formula of Concord.
Likewise, American Lutherans—especially African American Lutherans in central Alabama—know of a “First Rosa” and a “Second Rosa”. The “Second …

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