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Reformation 500

[December 11, 2017 | No Comment | ]

KITCHENER, Ontario – A short-term mission team made up of Rev. Roland Syens, his wife Anita, along with DPS Intern Lenora Wallden from Holy Cross Lutheran Church and Erika Brandt from Bethel Lutheran Church in Kitchener, Ontario went to Nicaragua from October 25-November 2, 2017. The group spent seven days filled with different ministry events, and were able to visit many of the churches in the area around Chinandega as well as churches in Leon all the way up to Sebaco.
A major event during that time was the Reformation anniversary …

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This article reflects on the section of Luther’s Small Catechism dealing with the Sacrament of Holy Baptism. Read the relevant portion online in contemporary English here.
The Word of Absolution
by Edward G. Kettner
Usually when Lutherans think about “confession” they think of the general order of confession as it occurs in our orders of Holy Communion. When thinking of private confession, their thoughts might gravitate to the Roman Catholic idea, perhaps even calling to mind the image of the confessional booth. Tied with the Roman idea is the concept of “doing penance,” …

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ONLINE – Lutheran Church–Canada’s (LCC) Reformation anniversary website has published a series of essays exploring the Reformation’s impact on church and culture.
Essays published so far touch on issues of literacy, visual art, music, and liturgy. Rev. Ted Giese explores the creation of church art in relation to Martin Luther’s theology. Rev. William Weedon, Director of Worship for The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, discusses the conservative approach Lutherans took to the reform of worship. Marion Timm details the impact Luther had on the evolution of music, touching on his own hymns as …

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[November 3, 2017 | No Comment | ]

Editor’s Note: Kelly Klages has agreed to prepare six pieces of original art for Lutheran Church–Canada (LCC) commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017. Each piece of art will be featured on the covers of this year’s issues of The Canadian Lutheran magazine.
In addition, each piece of art is being made available to LCC congregations as a free, downloadable poster. You can print out the posters, along with accompanying artist’s statement, as they become available at www.reformation2017.ca/resources/posters/.
by Kelly Klages
As autumn reaches its pinnacle, Reformation celebrations and tributes are …

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EDMONTON – Dr. Richard Starke, MLA for Vermilion-Lloydminster and member of First Lutheran Church, Lloydminster, made a Member’s Statement in the Alberta Legislature on October 31, 2017 to mark the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.
“Five hundred years ago today an unknown German priest in a backwater town wanted to start a discussion,” Dr. Starke explained. “That priest was Martin Luther. Today, I join with my fellow Lutherans worldwide to mark the anniversary of Luther’s courageous act of defiance—an act that triggered the Reformation and changed the course of world history.” …

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[October 31, 2017 | No Comment | ]

by Mathew Block
Reformation commemorations are often tied to October 31, the date when tradition states Martin Luther nailed the 95 Theses to that church door in Wittenberg. But in many ways, a better case could be made for celebrating it on June 25, the presentation-date of the Augsburg Confession.
Emperor Charles V had invited the electors of Germany to Augsburg for an imperial Diet to begin April 1530. John the Steadfast, elector of Saxony since the death of his brother Frederick the Wise in 1525, saw this as an opportunity to …

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