CLTS (St. Catharines, Ontario) seeks Professor of Theology

Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary, St. Catharines, will be calling a Professor of Theology to take up office in July 2015. The candidate must be an ordained pastor of Lutheran Church–Canada or a church in fellowship with her. The preferred candidate will have:

• a strong commitment to sound, confessional Lutheran theology;
• significant parish and/or mission experience;
• an earned doctorate;
• a specialty in Dogmatics or Old Testament;
• experience and/or understanding of the Canadian context;
• interdisciplinary teaching capability;
• research and writing competence; and
• a collegial personality and attitude.

Interested candidates are asked to submit their curriculum vitae by December 31, 2014 via e-mail ( or post to: President Thomas Winger, Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary, 470 Glenridge Ave, St. Catharines, ON  L2T 4C3, Canada.


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CLS (Edmonton) seeks full-time faculty member

Concordia Lutheran Seminary in Edmonton seeks to call a full-time faculty member specializing in Systematic Theology but able to teach in other theological disciplines as well. Candidates meriting serious consideration will be ordained pastors of Lutheran Church-Canada or one of its partner-churches possessing significant parish experience, an earned terminal degree (Th.D or Ph.D), strong teaching and administrative capabilities, a positive and pastoral personality, and a commitment to excellence in pastoral formation and service to the Church.

A call will be issued in May 2015 for service at CLS beginning in August 2015.

Nominations are sought by December 31, 2014. Interested candidates are invited to contact Dr. Steve Chambers, Academic Dean ( or Dr. Jim Gimbel, President (


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Cloverdale Lutheran Christian School seeks principal

Job title: Minister of Religion – Principal
Reporting to: Board of Directors, Cloverdale Lutheran Christian School Society
Salary: In accordance with the ABC District of Lutheran Church Canada Compensation Guidelines for Clergy
Hours: Full – Time
Location: Cloverdale Christian School, 5950 – 179 Street, Surrey, BC V3S 1M2

Purpose of the position

As a Lutheran school, our core reason of existence is to provide a Lutheran-based Christian education to the students in our care.   The principal’s fundamental role and function is to be the spiritual head of Cloverdale Christian School, so that the school may achieve its purpose according to God’s Word and Will and under His blessing.  To that end:

  1. The Principal will in all relationships with students, parents, faculty, staff and others associated with the school, seek to speak and abide by the Word and Will of God so that God’s Will may be done, His name be glorified and His Kingdom come.
  2. The Principal will, therefore, seek to live as a disciple of Jesus Christ, thus providing example and encouragement to members of the school community.
  3. The Principal, will, in carrying out the responsibilities assigned by this job description, seek to bring honor to God’s name and to enhance the ministry of the school

Responsibilities & duties

The principal shall provide for weekly chapel service and other communal services for the entire school community and shall provide additional devotional opportunities for staff and/or students throughout the year.  When appropriate, the Principal shall involve students and other staff members in the planning and leadership of these worship times. The Principal, will also deliver a sermonette/devotional weekly to the school community.  Recently, this has been distributed through the “Monday Note”.

The principal will also be available and qualified:

  1. to ensure that Lutheran doctrine is taught and followed in all aspects of the school ministry;
  2. to provide for instruction for entrance in to the Christian church through baptism and confirmation;
  3. to provide Christian counselling to students as needed;
  4. to provide Christian counselling to faculty and staff as needed;
  5. to provide Christian counselling to the board of directors as needed;
  6. to liaise between the school and its students and their families, especially during times of pastoral need.

Administration of Board Affairs

The principal is responsible for the following:

  1. to consult with the Chair of the School Board, prepare monthly Administrative reports for the Board, and to communicate (unless otherwise told by the School Board) the decisions of the Board to teachers, students, and parents
  2. to help the Board develop policies and to implement policies adopted by the Board
  3. to be an advisor on school finance and the school calendar.

Supervision of Staff

The Principal is responsible for the following:

  1. to ensure that all staff understand and live out the religious principles that are fundamental to the school’s existence.
  2. to arrange regular and purposeful meetings for teachers and, as needed, of the non-teaching staff.
  3. to take a leading role in securing qualified personnel for the school and orients new staff members.
  4. to represent the needs of the staff before the Board.
  5. to promote the professional growth of the staff.
  6. to develop and carry out a program of evaluation of the personnel, teaching and non-teaching.
  7. to acknowledge and affirm good teacher performance.

Management of the School Ministry

The principal is responsible for the following:

  1. to ensure reports required by local, Provincial, National, and District officials are prepared.
  2. to ensure school records ready for auditing.
  3. to ensure school attendance records are maintained
  4. to ensure all school materials and equipment are ordered and purchased and a complete inventory of these materials and equipment is kept
  5. to ensure proper communications are maintained with the school community
  6. to ensure school handbooks are prepared and updated
  7. to ensure that medical and emergency information are kept up to date for school and staff
  8. to ensure emergency procedures and safety in the school are in place

Supervision of Curriculum

The principal is responsible for the curriculum and its improvement and must ensure that it is consistent with the school’s religious beliefs and values.

Supervision of Children

The principal is responsible for ensuring the standard of behaviour established for the school is maintained.

The principal is concerned about the progress of each child in the school.  He/she should establish a good rapport with the students through openness with them and fair treatment in handling problems that arise.



  1. Commissioned as a Deacon (Teacher/Director of Christian Education) in Lutheran Church–Canada (“LCC”) or Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod (“LCMS”)
  2. Member of LCC or LCMS
  3. Bachelor’s Degree in Education


  1. Congregational member of Zion Lutheran Church of Surrey, BC
  2. Master’s Degree in Educational Field

Work experience & skills


At least four years successful experience as a classroom teacher


Ability to coach sports at the elementary level.

Personal qualities & behavioural traits


  1. Understanding and belief in the doctrine of Lutheran Church Canada
  2. Personal faith relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.
  3. Ability to share testimony.
  4. Developed devotional life around the Word.
  5. Developed prayer life.
  6. Understands and employs democratic leadership qualities.
  7. Uses time efficiently and effectually.
  8. Possesses good communication skills: writing, speaking, listening.
  9. Is physically/emotionally capable of performing his/her duties.
  10. Dresses appropriately.
  11. Is open minded and tolerant.
  12. Is sensitive to the needs of others; demonstrates Christian concern and way of life.

Wages & Benefits

Salary and Benefits will be in accordance with the salary and compensation guidelines of the ABC District of Lutheran Church Canada.   Benefits include pension, medical, dental and disability coverages.

How to apply:

Please email or phone Grant McMaster at or 778-574-1005 if you are interested in applying for this position.









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