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Commission seeks input from congregations

April 27, 2018 No Comment

Delegates at LCC’s 2017 Convention receive ballots.

WINNIPEG – To prepare for the District conventions this fall, Synod’s Commission on Nominations and Elections (CNE) is asking each LCC congregation to bring forward names of pastors to serve as Regional Pastor, Circuit Counsellor, and a layperson to serve on the new Regional Mission and Ministry Councils. As members of Lutheran Church–Canada each congregation is requested and encouraged to submit two names for each position and may do so at an official meeting of the congregation whether a Voters Assembly, Church Council, or Board of Directors.

Congregations and parishes received printed nomination forms and job descriptions in early March which are also available HERE.

“We need a slate of names to work from in order to fulfill our mandate,” explained CNE chairman Rev. Lorne Reddemann. “Under the old structure these would be nominations for District President and Board of Directors members,” he added. “Under the new Bylaws and Constitution, gathering potential nominees is a synod-wide function conducted by the CNE but elections are still conducted by the regions.”

From the list of submitted names, the CNE will create ballots for each position in each region. Convention delegates will choose who will serve in their region.

The completed form should be sent by mail or email to the Secretary of the Commission on Nominations and Elections by May 15, 2018. Return mail information is included in the forms.