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Conference on Atheism draws crowds

June 14, 2016 One Comment


EDMONTON – The Canadian Centre for Scholarship and the Christian Faith’s (CCSCF) 2016 conference on Atheism and the Christian Faith saw a record number of participants take part. There were 95 registrants total, beating the previous record by 30, who attended this year’s event, including five local pastors who received grants to attend the conference. The number of students participating tripled over the year previous.

Concordia University of Edmonton, which hosted the conference, saw a packed house for the keynote address by Professor Emeritus Richard Swinburne of Oxford University. Professor Swinburne spoke on “The Existence of God.”

In addition to Christians, the event saw a number of atheist, agnostic, and Muslim scholars presenting at the conference. There was representation from Harvard and McGill, as well as the event’s largest ever number of representatives from the University of Alberta. In total, scholars gave 27 presentations, and the publishing house Vernon Press has asked CCSCF Director Rev. Dr. Bill Anderson to edit a book on the proceedings of the conference.