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[October 26, 2018]

Following each triennial convention, newly elected and appointed personnel of Lutheran Women’s Missionary League-Canada (LWMLC) meet to build community and plan for the coming three years. September 7-8, 2018 the group met in Calgary. A change from such meetings in the past was the invitation extended to a representative from each zone across Canada. The invitation was accepted by many and more than 50 women attended.
Each day opened in God’s Word. Pastoral counsellor, Rev. Jeffrey Dul, led the group in Bible study exploring who we are as we serve our …

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[October 25, 2018]

By: Paul Zabel
“Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it.”
(Proverbs 22:6)
Now that the new school year has begun and children are once again attending classes, notices are appearing, it seems, just about everywhere, for motorists to be especially on the lookout for children on their way to and from school. Safety messages are included on a regular basis in television commercials, on billboards, and even on electronic messaging boards on major thoroughfares and freeways. However, no matter …

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[October 24, 2018]

by Kelly Klages
Why does beauty matter in the church?
Art is a powerful resource for teaching the faith. Beauty, order, and harmony in worship bear witness to our beliefs and reflect truth about God’s Word. Lavish art has been a hallmark of biblical worship, from God’s instructions for building the Tabernacle in the Old Testament to the heavenly visions of worship in Revelation. The early church adorned worship spaces with intricate paintings and mosaics even before church buildings became legal and common. For millennia, stunning visuals have set places of worship …

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[October 23, 2018]

By: Thomas Prachar
The title for this post comes from LSB 733 v.1, and is the theme for our last Central District Convention in Winnipeg. By the time you read this article, the convention will have passed into the history books.
Beginning in 1922 as the Manitoba-Saskatchewan District of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, the first convention was held in MacNutt, Saskatchewan. Later, the district adopted a name change to “The Central District” as congregations in Northwestern Ontario were welcomed from the LCMS Minnesota North District. Throughout our 96 years, our gracious Lord …

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[October 15, 2018]

In A Tale of a Tub, Jonathan Swift tells the story of three brothers who receive coats from their dying father. His will explains that they are not to add or subtract anything from these coats, and gives careful instruction as to their use. At first, they follow the instructions of the will carefully. But over time, the eldest brother—Peter—convinces the other two to adorn their coats with all sorts of decorations in keeping with the latest fashions.
It is only after the coats are dramatically altered that the younger brothers—Martin …

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[October 12, 2018]

In an effort to clarify and address some of the questions that have surfaced in recent days relative to matters that will be proposed at the upcoming District conventions, please note the following.
The corporations known as: Lutheran Church-Canada, the Alberta-British Columbia District; Lutheran Church-Canada, Central District; and Lutheran Church-Canada, East District are each governed by its own separate Act of Incorporation or Articles under the laws of the jurisdiction in which each corporation was established. Each corporation operates as an individual entity, with its own objects and its own membership, …