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[April 24, 2018]

STADTHAGEN, Germany – A special convention of the Independent Evangelical Lutheran Church of Germany (SELK) convened Thursday, April 19 to elect a bishop upon the expiration of the current bishop’s term of office. Rev. Hans-Jörg Voigt was elected in 2005 to serve a twelve-year term.
To prepare for the 2018 convention, last year SELK’s national pastoral conference nominated Bishop Voigt and Pastor Markus Nietzke as candidates for the position. During the Thursday afternoon session, the two candidates responded to questions submitted by delegates prior to the gathering. Forty-seven voting delegates participated in …

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[April 23, 2018]

CHINANDEGA, Nicaragua – After almost a week of protests over social security tax increases and reduced pensions the Nicaraguan government reversed the new policy after conducting discussions with business leaders bringing about a fragile peace. The demonstrations in the capital city Managua, mostly by students, turned violent when police and military intervened. Some reports state up to 25 people died.
Over the weekend the protests erupted in other urban centres including Chinandega, site of Lutheran Church–Canada’s mission centre, as well as Leon, Matagalpa, Granada, and Masaya—all cities served by Lutheran Church …

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[April 20, 2018]

CHINANDEGA, Nicaragua – For six days following Easter, 23 pastors and deaconesses, and a musician from the Lutheran Church Synod of Nicaragua (ILSN) gathered for a series of workshops on Lutheran liturgy and hymnology led by Lutheran Church–Canada (LCC) pastors Rev. Dr. David Somers (de l’Ascension, Montreal) and Rev. David Saar (St. John’s, Mount Forest, Ont.).
Held at LCC’s Central America Mission Centre the primary goal of the workshop was to provide a theological and holistic understanding of the liturgy in the context of training leaders chosen by the ILSN to …

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[April 19, 2018]

by Ted Giese
In the Western world we imbue the word oasis with a kind of romanticism, however in the Middle East an oasis is more pragmatic. In a parched desert landscape it saves lives and provides valuable food, shelter, and replenishment. For Syrian refugees fleeing from their war-torn country into neighbouring Jordan there is a valuable oasis in the sprawling Za’atari Refugee Camp called “Peace Oasis.” Opened in 2013, it is a safe area within the camp for young people aged 14 to 30 and is, in part, funded and …

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[April 17, 2018]

Improved but could be better
by Ted Giese
In this installment of the God’s Not Dead franchise, first-time director Michael Mason takes over from Harold Cronk who directed the first two films and inevitably the new outing is different. God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness picks up where God’s Not Dead 2 left off with Rev. Dave Hill (David A.R. White) arrested and jailed for not providing copies of his sermons to local authorities. However, this is not what the film is about. The old story-line is quickly dispatched and replaced …

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[April 16, 2018]

by Paul Zabel
“Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee the crown of life.” (Revelation 2:10)
A number of years ago my father-in-law wove together a crown of thorns that I attached to a cross which was placed in the chancel of our church during the season of Lent. That cross was formed from the trunks of two Christmas trees which had stood on each side of the altar during the Christmas season. In subsequent years, I had my father-in-law fashion a second crown of thorns to be placed …