Seminary task force on track

LCC’s Task Force on Cost-efficient, Sustainable Seminary Education completed site visits at both Lutheran Church–Canada seminaries and at Concordia University College on schedule. At each seminary, the task force met with the president, faculty and staff to learn the history of each institution and hear ideas about the direction for seminary education in LCC.

The discussions were candid, and task force members gained many insights into the operations of schools. “We commend both seminaries for making time available for the task force during the hectic last weeks of the academic year and for the spirit of cooperation which prevailed in the discussions,” noted task force chairman, Rev. Nolan Astley.

The task force has also received a number of submissions and, where necessary, will schedule further discussion with those who have taken time to make a submission. Each district convention has provided the task force an opportunity to talk about its work with the goal of generating greater grassroots input to the process.

To allow the fullest participation of Synod members as possible in this important matter, the task force has extended the deadline for written submissions to September 15, 2009. All members of LCC congregations are encouraged to participate by placing comments or questions on the discussion board for the Seminary Task Force at

As a result of the discussions held so far, the task force is preparing an interim report to the Board of Directors of Lutheran Church–Canada for discussion at its June 25 meeting

Posted By: Matthew Block
Posted On: June 2, 2009
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