Into the field with confirmation

Over the last number of years Grace Lutheran in Calgary has taken an alternative approach to scheduling adult confirmation classes. Since the work and home-life schedules of participants have become more complicated due to evening work commitments, travel schedules and scant family time, it became increasingly difficult to find an acceptable time for an evening class. The solution has been to hold adult confirmation classes (and now other studies as well) over lunch hours at various locations around the city—locations dependant upon the workplace of those involved.

The pastor held a class for a group of downtown workers in a quiet corner of an office tower food court; another took place in a staff lunch room at a business owned by a church member. Others met at a mutually convenient Tim Horton’s. Pastor Mark Ruf has found this has both met the need for a common class time and provided witnessing opportunities to others who take note of the group meeting week after week.

Posted By: Matthew Block
Posted On: August 28, 2009
Posted In: ABC District News,

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