New Study Bible arrives early

Concordia Publishing House received the hardback edition of The Lutheran Study Bible five weeks earlier than scheduled, with the leather editions expected by the end of September. Pre-ordering sale prices are still available for the Bible, which had been scheduled for release on Reformation Day, Oct. 31.

The Bible uses the English Standard Version translation, and includes 26,500 study notes, 220 articles, and 90,000 cross references.

Taking more than six years of research, development, planning, and writing by more than 600 people, The Lutheran Study Bible offers distinctively Lutheran notes, commentary, and supplemental content, prepared by contributors from more than 20 Lutheran church bodies. LCC pastors involved include Rev. Dr. John R. Wilch, consultant; Rev. Dr. Thomas M. Winger, consultant and writer; Rev. Dr. Roger J. Humann, writer; Rev. Larry D. Ritter, writer; and Rev. Dr. John R. Stephenson, writer.

For more information go to the CPH website or join the Study Bible’s Facebook group.

Posted By: Matthew Block
Posted On: October 31, 2009
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