Chilean earthquake recovery underway, “Still much to be done…”

Nearly six months after a catastrophic 8.8-magnitude earthquake struck Chile, the work to restore destroyed towns and disrupted lives continues, thanks in part to donations from Lutheran Church–Canada.

Rev. Cristian E. Rautenberg, the recently-elected president of the Chilean Lutheran Church (ELCHI), reports that a special account holds the more than $13,000 sent by Lutheran Church–Canada to help those affected by the disaster, and that these funds helped rebuild 27 homes in the metropolitan area of Santiago. Additional relief efforts focus on the cities of Talca, Cauquenes and the seaside town of Constitucion. All of these locations suffered serious damage from the earthquake and, in the case of Constitucion, the later tsunami.

With help and support from volunteer groups, the ELCHI also uses donations to work in emergency camps. The church sent two deaconesses who will remain in the area for one month and supplied approximately 200 families with items for the home through this initiative. It has also distributed Bibles and provides spiritual and emotional support to area children affected by the disaster.

While convinced the church is meeting the residents’ desire to have the church involved in an ongoing manner, President Rautenberg recognizes that much remains to be done. The church has prepared a long-term plan that includes mission stations in the affected areas.

“In areas near Santiago, we have started with Bible studies and soon the work will involve children as well,” he says.

With continued support and dedication, the task of rebuilding Chile will continue.

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Posted On: August 20, 2010
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