An opportunity to serve God’s people in Lutheran Church–Canada

When Lutheran Church–Canada restructured in 2002 it eliminated a number of elected boards and commissions. At Synod’s 2011 convention in Hamilton, June 3-6, delegates will elect a president, three vice-presidents and 18 people to serve on LCC’s Board of Directors, three Boards of Regents and two Commissions.

The Nominations Committee draws candidates for the boards and commissions from names supplied by the church-at-large, lay persons, clergy and deacons. The committee is currently building the list and invites any member of an LCC congregation to submit a recommendation for a nominee. The form to fill in is at  along with job descriptions.

“Serving the Lord’s church at a national level is a great privilege,” said Nominations Committee chair Walter Heinemann of Regina. Mr. Heinemann served two terms on LCC’s Board of Directors and on the Central District Board. “You have the opportunity to see the big picture, provide input on important decisions and see how the Lord is working through our church.”

Mr. Heinemann noted that most boards and commissions meet at most four times each year in person, online or by teleconference and, to provide continuity, ask those elected to serve a six-year term. Boards and commissions have regional representation from each of LCC’s three districts which, due to term limitations, change with each convention.

At the 2011 convention delegates will elect:
• two lay people from ABC District; one lay person from Central District and one pastor-at-large to the Board of Directors;
• one pastor from ABC District; 1 lay person each from Central and East Districts to the Commission on Adjudication;
• one pastor serving a congregation and one lay person to the Commission on Theology and Church Relations;
• one pastor and two lay/deacon (one elected from each district) to the two seminary Boards of Regents
• one pastor and two laypersons to Concordia University College of Alberta’s Board of Regents.

If you know someone the Nominations Committee should consider for any of these positions, ask the person’s permission then go to and fill in the form. The Secretary of Synod, Rev. Dennis Putzman, will contact each person to ask if he or she will stand for possible nomination and election. Deadline for submitting names is September 30, 2010.

Congregations will receive ballots for the president and vice-president nominations separately.

Posted By: Matthew Block
Posted On: September 3, 2010
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