International Lutheran Laymen’s League hosts Spirit-driven event

Canadian LLL members Les Hollinger and Ron Fischer support the convention invitation to Saskatoon in 2012

OMAHA, Neb. – “Spirit Driven” (2 Tim. 1:7) was the theme embraced by the 93rd International Convention of the International Lutheran Laymen’s League (Int’l LLL) which attracted more than 1000 attendees from the US and Canada.

In his greeting to the convention, LCC president Rev. Dr. Robert Bugbee reminded everyone that “God did not merely ordain for you the total number of days and years you should have. He also ordained which days we should get. He decided that your days and mine should be now … not 100 or 60 years ago, not 25 years into the future, but now. “…[Jesus] shows you the way to go,” he said. “Even more than that, Jesus Christ gives you the energy and the enthusiasm to want to go the way He leads.”

The convention re-elected Mick Onnen to second two-year term as president and approved a major overhaul of the organization’s structure, set for implementation in 2012 when Saskatoon will host the international convention.

Thirty-five Canadians, led by 2012 convention committee chairman and Int’l LLL treasurer, Ed Tiefenbach (Good Shepherd, Regina), gave a special invitation to Saskatchewan.

Pastor Ken Klaus, Speaker of The Lutheran Hour, shared many powerful messages during the three-day event. Convention attendees also took time to recognize Pastor Klaus, who will retire from the speakership at the end of 2010.

The International Lutheran Laymen’s League is an auxiliary organization of Lutheran Church–Canada and The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod. Members support Lutheran Hour Ministries which produces The Lutheran Hour which is heard on 77 stations in Canada and on XM Satellite Radio 170 at 1 p.m. (ET) on Sunday.

Posted By: Matthew Block
Posted On: September 10, 2010
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