Work in Nicaragua wrapping up for former president

“This will probably be my last three-month stint in Nicaragua,” announced Rev. Dr. Ralph Mayan, president emeritus of Lutheran Church–Canada. Since retiring from the presidency in September 2008, Dr. Mayan has spent each fall and winter in the Central American country working with Iglesia Luterana Sinodo de Nicaragua (ILSN) and LCC’s missionaries. He flies to Nicaragua September 15 for another three months.

 “It’s hard to overestimate the value of Dr. Mayan’s service in Nicaragua,” said LCC President Rev. Dr. Robert Bugbee. “At a time when he could have simply rested in a well-earned retirement, he has put his gifts to work for Christ’s people in a way that is deeply touching.”

Rev. Dr. Ralph and Linda Mayan with some of the mission’s sewing school graduates.

 President Bugbee noted with appreciation how Dr. Mayan understands the details of synodical administration and “is a real comfort to the emerging leaders in the ILSN, and yet helps with a fatherly spirit that never imposes itself and always respects their dignity.”

During his three-months in Nicaragua, Dr. Mayan expects to continue supplying support and encouragement to the ILSN Board of Directors and the president. “Just before I had left in March, the Board of Directors, in concert with the pastors and deaconesses, established goals for this biennium,” he reported. “We will need to review how we are progressing.” Dr. Mayan also hopes to visit LCC’s missions in Honduras and Costa Rica.

If LCC can no longer provide an on-site presence to continue working with the ILSN and give direct supervision to the mission work, Dr. Mayan plans to set up administrative systems so that LCC can monitor the programs through quarterly visits.

Dr. Mayan’s wife, Linda is not expected to join him in Nicaragua on this trip, however President Bugbee also expressed his appreciation for her service. “We’re so grateful for his wonderful wife, Linda, who accompanied him for portions of these visits, sharing her gifts and talents, and at other times was willing to let him be away when family needs kept her in Langley.”

Lutheran Church–Canada began mission work in Nicaragua in 1996. As a result of that work, Iglesia Luterana Sinodo de Nicaragua (ILSN) held its founding convention in 2008. The Nicaraguan church has 14 pastors, 23 deaconesses and 22 congregations.

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Posted On: September 14, 2010
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