Telling eternal truths at museum parade

Don’t rain on my parade: Noah, the ark and the rainbow at Drumheller museum parade.

DRUMHELLER, Alta. – At the Royal Tyrrell Museum’s 25th anniversary, Grace Lutheran Church presented a colourful parade float reminding everyone that the evidence is indisputable: we have a God who intervened in history. Proudly displaying Noah’s Ark, the cross and the rainbow, the float appealed to viewers: “Don’t miss the boat!”

The world-class paleontology museum highlights the robust life existing at an early stage in the world’s history. But as people make their journey from cradle to grave, surrounded by the bones of bygone days, they need to remember One whose grave held no bones, and who promised that those who believe in Him will rise to abundant and eternal life.
Rosalie Nimmo

Posted By: Matthew Block
Posted On: September 17, 2010
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