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PENTICTON, B.C. – Churches are changing the way they communicate in the digital age, and total reliance on printed newsletters, bulletins, and mass mailings is declining.

Compiling information for print newsletters is a work-intensive process. Gathering stories, putting them together into a document, and printing them can take a great deal of time, effort and money, making them difficult to publish very frequently. At Concordia Lutheran Church in Penticton, B.C. the electronic Enews publication has largely replaced the congregation’s old newsletter, although copies are still printed for members without e-mail accounts.

Using digital media has even helped the church save $250 a month from its advertising budget which used to fund a newspaper ad in the local paper. Now it pays a part-time staff member, the pastor says.

With thirteen hours of paid work per month, a stay-at-home mother from the church is compiling material for the electronic Ennouncements screen for Sunday mornings. She later uses the material for e-mail newsletters, Facebook updates, and posts on the church’s website.

The church is also in the process of buying three large-screen televisions to place in the gym, narthex, and the back of the sanctuary for showing videos and posting announcements.

Using digital media, churches are reaching far larger audiences than ever before. The use of online social communications allows congregations to relate to people around the country and even around the world. With communications technology, Concordia Lutheran Church can have an effect far beyond its own community while still touching the lives of its own members and neighbours.

“It is exciting to see a congregation taking social media and new technology seriously,” said Ian Adnams, LCC’s director of communications. “This isn’t something that’s going away, so we need to embrace it as another viable means to share the Gospel.”

As technology develops, congregations like Concordia will continue adapting to new methods of communication.

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Posted By: Matthew Block
Posted On: October 8, 2010
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