Church welcomes Halloween guests

by C.D. Pelzer

A trail of jack o'lanterns leads to the front door of Mt. Olive Lutheran Church

On an evening when children and parents prowl Regina’s neighbourhoods seeking treats, a north-end church is marking an historical date by inviting everyone to visit.

October 31, 2010 marks the 493rd anniversary of the Protestant Reformation as measured from the date when a German monk, Martin Luther nailed 95 Theses (complaints against the church) to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany. Mount Olive Lutheran Church in Regina, is celebrating this anniversary in a way Luther would probably never have thought of, but very likely endorsed.

Mount Olive’s annual open house on October 31 sees the congregation make jack o’lanterns carved with friendly faces rather than the usual Halloween-style images and place them around the church building. When all the lanterns are alight, the congregation invites the neighbours in to visit and enjoy some treats.

Along with candies and goodies Mount Olive, at 2015- 4th Avenue North, offers everyone a place to warm-up, enjoy a drink and meet its members.

“When we started this event we expected that it might be a novel way to introduce ourselves and our faith. said Pastor Ted Giese, Associate Pastor at Mount Olive and the creative force behind many of the carved pumpkins. “We found this is a really great way for our neighbours to get to know us a bit better.”

Congregation members donate treats and spend time at the church giving out the candies with a generous, neighbourly touch. People living near the church note the buzz of activity on Halloween night and remark how much they enjoy both the array of brightly lit pumpkins and the positive effect it has on them, too. Some have even brought candies and treats to the church to share with the little revellers.

A Luther's Rose jack o'lantern

“Mount Olive has a great and caring group of members,” adds Pastor Terry Defoe. “An important feature people note when visiting us at our worship services is how friendly and welcoming people are.”

The many services provided at Mount Olive are described on the congregation’s website at

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  1. Awesome. I really like the fact that they realize that Halloween really has nothing to do with the devil. I guess he wasn’t even mentioned in the new testament though was he?

    • If you would like to talk about the many places in the New Testament where the devil is mentioned like in The Gospel of Saint Matthew Chapter 4, or have any other comments or concerns please feel free to e-mail me at I would love to talk with you. If you are on line at the moment and would like to talk my phone number is listed on our web site: http://www.mountolive.canYours in Christ Jesus,nRev. Ted GiesenAssociate Pastor Mount Olive Lutheran Church.n<

      • So he does. I should have fact checked. A friend of mine told me that. I’m not listening to anything my friends tell me anymore unless they can prove it. Gets me in hilarious situations like this one!”In the New Testament, “Satan” occurs more than 30 times in passages alongside Diabolos (Greek for “the devil”), referring to the same person or thing as Satan.”

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