Central District requests changes to LCC’s structure

Delegates vote on a resolution.

Delegates vote on a resolution (Photo: Rev. Jason Schultz)

SASKATOON – On April 15, the Central District meeting in convention adopted a resolution to request Synod’s Commission on Constitutional Matters and Structure (CCMS) to propose changes to the structure of Lutheran Church–Canada.

The resolution suggested that “the present organizational structure does not resolve the uncertainties as to where responsibility for a particular function should properly rest between the Synod and Districts,” that a “new structure could bring greater financial stability and unity with LC-C.” It also notes that “in many aspects District Conventions duplicate matters carried out by Synodical Conventions” and that “there is duplication in boards and services to the congregations that could be rectified with a different structure which would allow for better stewardship of personnel and money, thereby enabling the church to direct more funds with less personnel to the proclamation of the Gospel.”

The resolution also noted the uncertainty arising from the insolvency of the Alberta-British Columbia District’s Church Extension as a contributing factor in the desire to move for changes in LCC’s structure.

The resolution called on LCC’s “Commission on Constitutional Matters and Structure to begin immediately the work of developing and presenting a new structure with applicable bylaw and handbook changes for the Districts and Synod of Lutheran Church–Canada” to address “current financial and organizational concerns first addressed by the Task Force on the Nature and Structure of Synod” in 1993, and “which remain to the present day.” It further resolved to request the CCMS present this new structure “to the 2017 Synodical Convention for approval and subsequent implementation.”

Discussion of the resolution had begun earlier on April 14, at which time LCC President Robert Bugbee, speaking in an advisory role, had encouraged adoption of the resolution, suggesting that the current structure of LCC and Districts is over governed and duplicating resources unnecessarily. He also suggested a new structure could help to foster unity in LCC.

LCC previously considered proposals to restructure in 1996 and 2002.

Other resolutions considered on April 15 included the adoption of the 2014 convention’s minutes, adopting the report of the treasurer, adopting the District Work Program, ratifying the Board of Directors’ Approval of New/Amended congregational constitutions, and a resolution to study the permissibility of holding multiple calls simultaneously. A resolution to request Synod in Convention implement a unified archive location for Synod, the three Districts, and other entities of LCC was declined.


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