LCC benefits and pension services building for the future

WINNIPEG – After serving Lutheran Church–Canada’s (LCC) church workers since 1989, LCC Worker Benefit Plans became an independent corporation, LCC Worker Benefit Services Inc., on January 1, 2018. Adopting the new name and revising its internal governance does not change any group health benefits or the pensions for the 891 active and retired pastors, deacons and other church employees enrolled in the plan. Neither does it fundamentally change its relationship with employers: congregations, institutions, and organizations.

“LCC’s Board of Directors began looking into establishing an independent delivery organization for worker benefits with us in 2015” explained WBS Board of Directors chairman Rev. Dr. Dieter Kays. “With its approval we renewed the benefit plans’ mandate for the future thereby allowing LCC’s BOD to concentrate on mission and ministry matters rather than the operational details of health benefit and pension plans.” Kays noted that the change is unrelated to LCC’s restructuring.

The transformation is designed to provide a more responsive and agile management. Under the new corporation WBS has its own Board of Directors elected by LCC’s Board to which it is accountable. The WBS board will have the responsibility for making all operational decisions regarding group benefits and pensions. To assist in the decision-making the WBS board will include more members with experience and expertise in benefit and pension plans.

Dr. Kays explained that since a new entity has been created, employers will need to sign new agreements outlining current policies, procedures, expectations, and accountabilities involving the new  WBS. “We have a great relationship with our employers and these agreements help both WBS and employers recommit to what’s already in place.”

To familiarize congregations and other employers with the renewed direction and agreements WBS will conduct presentations across Canada. At the events congregational leaders and key decision makers will have the opportunity to understand the rationale behind the changes and explore the agreements.

“We’re looking forward to a renewed mandate that will allow us to continue ‘Caring for those who serve’” said Dr. Kays.

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Posted On: January 11, 2018
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