From the President, Central District – The more things change…

By: Thomas Prachar

President Thomas Prachar

As I approach retirement at the end of this calendar year, I’ve thought back to some of the first columns I wrote for The Canadian Lutheran. Ian Adnams (editor at that time) suggested that the three new district presidents write about what we had learned after our first year in office (September 2001). After eighteen years I’ve revisited that list with today’s comments in brackets. Fortunately, and in some cases unfortunately, the same is true today.

  • Our district has been blessed with many talented and dedicated people who love the Lord and want to see His church grow.
  • Many of our people want the district president’s advice, but when it is given, they ignore it.
  • I think I finally know how to work the telephone in my office. (Just when I thought I’d figured it out, the system was changed—both in Regina and Winnipeg—and I had to learn it all again!)
  • I have seen the destructive effects of sin at work in people’s lives. On the other hand, I will never cease to be amazed by the stability and new direction Christ’s love and forgiveness give to a forgiven sinner’s life.
  • Loving and caring Christians who introduce unbelievers to Jesus in everyday situations will draw them to our churches. (This continues to be the best mission work carried on in our church.)
  • Staying angry is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.
  • I have witnessed Christians saying unkind words and doing unloving acts toward other Christians and unbelievers. I have witnessed Christians saying and doing incredible Christ-like words and actions out of love and compassion for other Christians and unbelievers.
  • God has sent only one Person to be His gift to the church—and it’s not me. (Constant reminders have been needed!)
  • Many of the problems and disagreements in our church revolve around what the lay people can do and what is strictly reserved for the pastoral office.
  • Our congregations appreciate visits from “the District” in the person of the District President.
  • So far, I have the most hair of anyone on the LCC Council of Presidents. (No longer true after the departure of Revs. Mayan, Solie, and Pastucha.)

Rev. Thomas Prachar is president of the Central District of Lutheran Church–Canada

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From the President, Central District – The more things change…

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