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[June 30, 2015]
First Vice President Nolan Astley.

CANADA – On June 25, Lutheran Church–Canada’s (LCC) Board of Directors voted to appoint Rev. Nolan Astley as the Interim Pastoral Leader for Alberta and British Columbia. Rev. Astley also serves as First Vice President for LCC.
LCC President Robert Bugbee had announced his recommendation for Interim Pastoral Leader earlier in June. The Alberta-British Columbia District Convention in May adopted a resolution separating the pastoral and corporate functions of the District President, acting on a recommendation from LCC’s Board of Directors. The Interim Pastoral Leader (who was to be appointed by …

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[June 30, 2015]

by Mathew Block
I grew up in Saskatchewan, so you can understand when I say I don’t have much mountain climbing experience. But I have been lucky enough on a couple of occasions, while visiting more topologically diverse provinces, to do a bit of hiking in the mountains.
If you’ve ever had similar opportunities, you know there’s nothing quite like reaching the summit. The process of getting there may be slow and arduous, but the payoff is worth it. From the mountain heights you can see forever, and suddenly you understand what …

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[June 26, 2015]
Third Vice President Rudy Pastucha.

CANADA – Rev. Rudy Pastucha (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) has been appointed to serve as Third Vice-President of Lutheran Church-Canada (LCC) by action of the Synod’s Board of Directors (BOD).
In late May, his predecessor, Rev. Mark L. Smith (Plumas, Manitoba), advised Synod leadership that he had accepted the call to serve as the Atlantic Canada area missionary for the East District, stationed in Halifax. As a result of this move from the Central District to the East District, Rev. Smith became ineligible to continue serving as LCC’s Third Vice President and as …

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[June 24, 2015]

TORONTO – Yesterday The Canadian Lutheran reported the urgent need of Seyed Mustafa Moosavy Khansary, an Iranian convert to Christianity who was facing imminent deportation back to Iran yesterday evening. That action was cancelled yesterday afternoon.
“Good News! Praise God!” wrote Rev. J. Derek Mathers in a Facebook update late yesterday. “Mustafa’s deportation was cancelled today and, for now, he remains in Canada.” He attributed the action to the “prayers of God’s people and the litigation of [Khansary’s] lawyer.” Rev. Mathers is pastor of the Church of St. Luke Lutheran in …

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[June 23, 2015]

UPDATE: Khansary’s deportation (scheduled for June 23, 2015) was cancelled hours before it took place. The Canadian Lutheran has posted an update here.
TORONTO – Members of the Church of St. Luke Lutheran in Toronto expressed dismay at the news that the Government of Canada intends to deport Seyed Mustafa Moosavy Khansary to Iran the evening of June 23. Khansary first began attending the Persian Fellowship at St. Luke in September 2013 and was a regular attendee until his detainment in June 2015.
Rev. J. Derek Mathers brought attention to the deportation …

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[June 23, 2015]
Children in Nicaragua celebrate after receiving gifts through CLWR's We Care program.

NICARAGUA – Canadian Lutheran World Relief’s (CLWR) “We Care” Program Coordinator Patrick Stewart recently participated in the distribution of the recent commodities shipment to Nicaragua, where CLWR works in partnership with Lutheran Church–Canada and the Iglesia Luterano Sinodo de Nicaragua (ILSN). Having the opportunity to visit with the mission staff and community members he offers this report:
From 2010 to present, CLWR has dispatched three shipments to the ILSN, representing nearly $200,000 in material aid to support the mission’s transformative work amongst some of Nicaragua’s poorest communities. Dedication, transparency, trust and …