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[September 27, 2016]
Laura Goerz

ALBERTA/BRITISH COLUMBIA – The Alberta-British Columbia District has appointed a new editor for the ABC District News section of The Canadian Lutheran. Laura Goerz has accepted the position, beginning with the November-December issue of the magazine.
Goerz is a regular contributor to Tapestry, the national magazine of Lutheran Women’s Missionary-League-Canada (LWMLC), having written with them since the magazine’s inception in 1994. She has also written numerous articles, devotions, Bible studies, and some workshops, mostly for LWMLC, including the theme devotional “Sparks of the Spirit” for the last national LWMLC convention.
“It is …

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[September 26, 2016]

by Ken Maher
Watching the news lately can be a dizzying experience. It seems like every day there is a new group of poor souls who are the victims of hatred, prejudice, and unfair treatment. With so many victim groups vying for our attention and redress it can be hard to keep up. People are being denied cakes and photos and weddings. Or worse, the right to use the bathroom. Women are being denied the most basic of health care. Others are being shown that their lives don’t matter, or their …

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[September 21, 2016]

by Ted Giese
As expected, Timur Bekmambetov’s 2016 adaptation of Ben-Hur differs from the 1959 William Wyler film starring Charlton Heston. And that begs the question: Is that good or bad?
Bekmambetov’s film is about an hour shorter and that alone makes for a different kind of film: characters and storylines have to be dropped. Anyone going to see Bekmambetov’s Ben-Hur and expecting an update of the 1959 classic will be disappointed. If you are going to see a fresh yet faithful take on the 1880 book by Lew Wallace, you will …

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[September 20, 2016]

EDMONTON – Concordia Lutheran Seminary is planning its next Quest course, and is inviting you to take part for free. From October 4-25, a number of instructors will team-teach a weekly series on HIS-story: God and His People in the Old Testament.
“How well do you know the Old Testament?” promotional material asks. “It spreads across time and space, anticipating everything God eventually did through Christ to redeem the whole world. Even so, the story of God and His people Israel has value and integrity of its own.”
The course will take …

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[September 16, 2016]
Rev. Paul Zabel

by Paul Zabel
You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in Your bottle. You have recorded each one in Your book. (Psalm 56:8)
Upon attending the visitation at the funeral home for a dear friend and one of my many “fathers” in the faith, my wife and I were greeted in the line of family members by one of the gentleman’s daughters. As we conversed, she shared with me her recollection of the words of Scripture that referred to our tears being put into a bottle …

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[September 14, 2016]

ONLINE – The 2016 issue of Lutheran Theological Review (LTR) has just been released and is available for download online.
Volume 28 is guest edited by Rev. Dr. John Stephenson, and among other work features sermons and essays from the September 2015 conference “Pastoral Perspectives on Paul.” The conference recognized the release of Rev. Dr. Thomas Winger’s Concordia Commentary on Ephesians.
Sermon: “You, then, my son” (I Cor. 1:18-24)
Roger E. Winger
Toward a Pauline Shaping of Pastoral Formation
Warren G. Hamp
Pastors and People Pelted by the Prince of the Power of the Air
Esko T. …