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[June 23, 2016]
No images of Ursula von Münsterberg are known to exist. This painting, by Lucas Cranach the Elder, represents Mary Magdalene. Ursula was a member of a monastic community called the Order of Mary Magdalene the Penitent.

by Leah Block
It was early October, the year of our Lord 1528. The evening was fine, but the light breeze carried with it a hint of the frost to come. The rising quarter moon cast a silver sheen over the stone walls of the old convent. In the distance, an owl hooted. Nothing stirred within the convent walls, save perhaps the quietly whispered prayers of someone observing a lonely midnight vigil.
Three women let themselves quietly out of a side door. Their long heavy cloaks and hoods disguised them, but as …

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[June 22, 2016]
Rev. Paul Zabel

by Paul Zabel
Jesus said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I am” (John 8:58).
Almost everybody likes a good mystery, but few of us are comfortable with an unsolved mystery. We get itchy! We want to figure it out and resolve it. During the week of Pentecost and prior to Trinity Sunday, my wife, Judy, and I had an opportunity to travel to Greenwood, Indiana and spend some time with my parents. My mother is an avid reader and some of the books that she enjoys …

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[June 20, 2016]

by Mathew Block
It’s easy to become discouraged these days as Christians living in Canada. The legalization of euthanasia, attempts to ban graduates of a certain Christian university from entering the legal profession, and ever increasing hostility to public expressions of faith are all evidence of rampant secularization. Membership in Christian denominations is down across the spectrum, including in Lutheran Church–Canada, and those attending church services regularly are the exception, not the norm, these days.
You can start to feel pretty small in a world like that. You can be afraid to …

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[June 17, 2016]

by Ted Giese
During the end credits of X-Men: Days of Future Past, Bryan Singer set the stage for X-Men: Apocalypse. Filmgoers who sat through the last frames of the film were introduced to the character of Apocalypse—a mutant standing on a sand dune in ancient Egypt telekinetically constructing a massive pyramid with a crowd of worshipers at his feet and his four horsemen watching at a distance.
In the opening scenes of X-Men: Apocalypse this now aged mutant is shown transferring his accumulated knowledge, abilities, and soul into a younger body. …

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[June 16, 2016]
President Matthew Harrison (Photo: LCMS Communications)

ST. LOUIS, Missouri – The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) has announced that Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison has been reelected as President.
President Harrison was elected on the first ballot, receiving 56.96 percent of the votes cast. This is President Harrison’s third term, having first been elected to serve as president of the LCMS in 2010.
“On behalf of our Canadian church, I offer congratulations to President Harrison and wish him energy and a strong faith in Christ for the new term,” said President Robert Bugbee of Lutheran Church–Canada (LCC). “Leadership of …

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[June 15, 2016]
A building damaged in the earthquake.

NICARAGUA – Late on June 9, a major earthquake struck Nicaragua near the community of Chinandega, damaging multiple buildings and homes.
The Lutheran Church—Synod of Nicaragua (Iglesia Luterana—Sínodo de Nicaragua – ILSN) has been hit particularly hard by the quake. “Our communities were severely affected by the earthquake,” ILSN President Marvin Donaire explains. “The people of La Joya, El Piloto, Rancheria, La Villa 15 de Julio, and Tonalas Morazan are sleeping on the street, because the earth continues shaking.” The ILSN is LCC’s partner church in the region and was founded …