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[July 25, 2016]
Rev. Nolan Astley.

by Nolan Astley
Like me, you may have some Christian friends who talk a great deal about being filled with the Holy Spirit. Though they do not mean to sound arrogant, they often come across as if they think themselves to be a cut above the ordinary Christian. They speak with confidence about their faith, they can pray easily even in a crowd, and they very much want everyone to share the same indwelling of the Spirit that animates their lives.
If you have encountered people like that, do not despair! You …

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[July 22, 2016]

by Bill Anderson
I always wanted to be an atheist. I didn’t grow up in a Christian home. I grew up in a working class Scottish home with many benefits and much happiness! No philosophy was more drilled into me than this: Be your own man. Stand on your own two feet. Do your own thinking. And don’t let anyone influence you—no matter who they are. Being an atheist is the ultimate Scottish working class philosophy.
When I got to my mid-teens, I started to philosophize about many things more seriously. I …

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[July 20, 2016]
Playing a little foosball during the weekend retreat.

EDMONTON – From May 13-15, Concordia Lutheran Seminary (CLS – Edmonton) held a weekend retreat for young men interested in exploring the pastoral ministry.
Six young men, mostly high school students, joined seminarians and faculty in sample classes in exegetical, systematic, historical, and practical theology. They worshipped with the seminary community in chapel and with the local congregation at Bethlehem Lutheran Church. Along the way, they also played games and ate some great food.
“The seminary was blessed to have these young men as our guest,” a CLS release notes, “and we …

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[July 19, 2016]

by Ted Giese
When Independence Day was released twenty years ago it was clear that it was not a very serious movie. Neither is this year’s Independence Day: Resurgence. These are popcorn-summer-blockbuster films. As was the case for the first film, the producers have released this new installment to coincide with the celebration of Independence Day in the United States of America.
The story is rather simple: twenty years after the people of earth banded together to fend off an unexpected alien attack from outer space they find themselves fighting for the …

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[July 13, 2016]
Anglican Church of Canada.

CANADA – The Anglican Church of Canada (ACC) has voted to allow clergy to officiate over same-sex marriages, breaking with the Christian Church’s historic understanding of marriage down through the centuries and exacerbating tensions in a church body long polarized over the issue of human sexuality.
The issue was broached during the ACC’s General Synod in on July 11, 2016 during which time a resolution to approve same-sex marriage seemed to fail by one vote. Votes by the Order of Bishops and the Order of Laity passed the 2/3 requirement in …

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[July 12, 2016]
Mozambican women sing.

MOZAMBIQUE – Missions in Mozambique continue to bear fruit as the Lutheran Church of Concord in Mozambique (Igreja Luterana da Concórdia em Moçambique – ILCM) shares the good news of Jesus Christ.
In August 2015, the ILCM celebrated the ordination of its first graduating class of pastors—eight pastors to serve the young church body’s then ten churches. The celebration saw approximately 1,000 members converge on Villa de Sena, an event which drew considerable local and even national attention.
Amambo and Maviga
Among those discussing the event were Christians in Amambo, who heard the …