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[August 17, 2017]

CANADA – In the lead-up to Lutheran Church–Canada’s (LCC) 11th synodical convention, LCC is encouraging its members to pray for delegates and the important work they will undertake this October in Kitchener, Ontario.
To that end, LCC is releasing a series of prayers that you and your congregation are encouraged to use in advance of the synodical convention. Prayer topics include the work that delegates will be called to do, safe travel for all involved, and the upcoming elections.
Congregations are also invited to include a short bulletin announcement encouraging members to …

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[August 15, 2017]

CANADA – As the Lutheran Laymen’s League of Canada marks its 50th anniversary in 2017 it is celebrating and giving thanks to God for the men and women of the Lutheran Laymen’s League who have made it their objective to assist the Lutheran Church of Missouri, Ohio & other States (later known as The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod) in word and deed since 1917 and Lutheran Church–Canada since 1989.
When the Lutheran Laymen’s League (later the Int’l LLL) was formed in 1917 by twelve men to relieve the Synod of its crippling …

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[August 14, 2017]

by Mathew Block
Our world is in a constant state of change. Flash back ten years: cell-phones were used primarily for texting and making phone calls. Today they are as much computers as phones, used for browsing the web, playing games, listening to music, and watching the latest show.
Twenty-five years ago the internet was in its infancy. Today we’re entering the “internet of things” era, in which everything—phones, televisions, thermostats, home alarm systems, and more—are integrated and communicate with each other.
Fifty years ago colour television was a novelty, seventy-five years ago …

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[August 11, 2017]

by Robert Bugbee
Discussions on restructuring at the Synod’s 11th Convention in October at Kitchener, Ontario will likely be intense. That’s all right. The issue is important. It deserves a strong dose of talking and listening. I hope you are praying that the Lord guides the delegates, as I am doing, nearly every day.
I believe that Lutheran Church–Canada (LCC) urgently needs to simplify its structure. The structure we took with us into our life as a self-governing church in 1988 was a close copy of what we knew in The Lutheran …

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[August 9, 2017]

by Edward G. Kettner
In late April and early May I had the privilege of returning to Ukraine to teach once again at the Lutheran
Seminary in Odessa. This was my sixth trip to Ukraine in the last twenty years and my fifth time teaching. I have taught at least one course to each of the four groups of students that have gone through the seminary.
I flew in to Odessa on April 22, and was met at the airport by the church’s bishop, Aleksandr Yurchenko (who was a student in the first …

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[August 7, 2017]

UPDATE (August 8): Police have now confirmed that there was no threat connected with the delivery.
LOUIS, Missouri – The bomb squad was called to Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri on August 7, 2017 following the discovery of a suspicious package in the mailroom. Several buildings were evacuated and the campus was put in lockdown.
Bomb technicians determined the package was not explosive but initially said it was a “threatening package” and “meant to cause alarm.” Police backtracked that assessment later, saying the package was in fact an expected delivery …