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[October 26, 2016]

by Rev. Jacob Quast
In the fall of 2011, President Robert Bugbee of Lutheran Church–Canada heralded an ambitious plan for our Synod by encouraging every member of every congregation to do something radical: read the Bible. And many did. Over the course of two years, many of our congregations across Canada dedicated time and effort to read the Holy Scriptures as a group—as the body of Christ. Those who were blessed to participate in this activity know well the fruit it bears. Faith was deepened and strengthened, and new appreciation for …

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[October 25, 2016]
Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod President Matthew Harrison and Independent Evangelical Lutheran Church of Germany Bishop Hans-Jörg Voigt pronounce absolution to conference goers at the closing service in St. Mary’s Church.

GERMANY – From October 11-13, the International Lutheran Council (ILC) held its Sixth World Seminaries Conference. Taking place in Wittenberg, Germany, the conference saw representatives from more than 30 ILC churches attend, with nearly 30 guests additional guests present representing other church bodies.
Canadian participants included Rev. Dr. Jim Gimbel (President of Concordia Lutheran Seminary in Edmonton), Rev. Dr. Thomas Winger (President of Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary in St. Catharines, Ontario), Rev. Dr. Robert Bugbee (President of Lutheran Church–Canada and Vice-Chairman of the ILC), and Mathew Block (Communications Manager for LCC and editor of the …

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[October 23, 2016]
Rev. Dr. Robert Bugbee

by Robert Bugbee
Soon it will be Reformation Day 2016. That marks 499 years since the moment when a little-known German monk, Martin Luther, posted his 95 Theses on the door of Wittenberg’s Castle Church. They were a public appeal to discuss and debate. Those theses touched off a series of events that turned the church and the world upside down.
After this Reformation Day, we enter the 500th Anniversary Year of Luther’s Reformation, which will culminate in large-scale commemorations in October 2017. Christians in many places will mark the event with …

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[October 13, 2016]

CANADA – While Lutheran Church–Canada no longer designates a specific day as Seminaries Sunday, it encourages its congregations to remember Concordia Lutheran Seminary (CLS – Edmonton) and Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary (CLTS – St. Catharines, Ontario) with prayers and offerings.
You may wish to observe it in conjunction with an Education Sunday in the autumn, remembering the opening of the seminaries’ academic year. Congregations are encouraged to use the propers appointed for the day, but also may choose to make use of the seminaries’ joint theme verse for this year: “Christ, …

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[October 11, 2016]

CANADA – Lutheran Association of Missionaries and Pilots (LAMP) is inviting inquiries and nominations for full-time missionary staff to join them in sharing the Gospel in remote areas of Canada.
Due to continued growth and demand for LAMP’s ministry in First Nations communities in northern Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia, the mission organization is seeking full-time staff to support local northern ministries and mission teams.
“Communities in northern Canada have great interest in hearing the Gospel,” said Ron Ludke, Executive Director of LAMP. “They are inviting us to come. But right …

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[October 10, 2016]
President Bugbee addresses the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.

CORNWALL, Ontario – The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) held its annual plenary assembly September 26-30, 2016 in Cornwall, Ontario, and Lutheran Church–Canada (LCC) President Robert Bugbee was present to bring greetings and participate in a panel discussion on the upcoming 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.
Reflecting on the ecumenical dialogue currently underway between LCC and the CCCB, President Bugbee noted that LCC’s representatives “want me to convey to you their deep appreciation for the Roman Catholic approach to these sorts of conversations. For one thing, they treasure your …