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Board of Directors Meet and Greet Members in Leduc, AB

April 11, 2019 No Comment

LCC Board Chair Arnold Drung speaking to attendees

LEDUC, AB – Approximately 100 people attended an Open House on Thursday, April 4 at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Leduc, AB. The event was held as part of the Lutheran Church–Canada (LCC) Board of Directors meeting and invited members of LCC to share their perceptions of the present relationship between the congregation and the synodical leadership. Board members also sought input regarding “congregational needs” moving forward, to be considered in their strategic planning. The event started with an opening devotion by President Timothy Teuscher; followed by an introduction of board members and synodical staff.

After the introductions, attendees were able to speak with members of the LCC Board of Directors and staff on an individual (one-on-one) basis. The open house format for encouraging dialogue, was changed from what was advertised as a Town Hall setting. The Board of Directors wishes to apologize for failing to communicate clearly the format they would use for the meeting, which left a number of people confused, angry and hurt. The meeting format was changed to be less formal and individuals who participated expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to speak directly with Board members and to pose questions on a variety of issues.

The event lasted for more than two and a half hours and board members, staff, and other representatives fielded questions on various subjects. Some of the responses discussed at the event included: Missions and Outreach; Regions and Circuits; Resources; Communication and Transparency; Care and Concern for Pastors/Church Workers; Community; Congregations with Vacancies; Areas of Concern; and Additional Ideas.