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[August 31, 2018 | No Comment | ]

Recent discussions between Iglesia Luterana-Sínodo de Nicaragua (ILSN) and Pastor Edmundo Retana have resulted in the reinstatement Rev. Retana and the congregation in Cartago. The announcement of the decision from ILSN President Marvin Donaire last week immediately re-activated the work of Lutheran Church Canada (LCC) in that country.
The mission’s work involves weekly worship was sponsored by grants from the Concordia Lutheran Missionary Society. The suspension of work meant an end for more than a decade of Gospel outreach, Lutheran Church–Canada work in Costa Rica.
LCC President Timothy Teuscher states “We thank and …

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[August 30, 2018 | No Comment | ]

“Often the mission of the Church is divided into two mandates: ‘in reach’ and ‘out reach’. It is a useful distinction, because there is a time and a place for all things. Just as treating Divine Service as primarily an outreach opportunity to unbelievers or Christians of other denominations is wrong-headed, so is expecting the unbelieving world to understand the meaning of Christian terms and concepts, and Lutheran expressions, when, say, talking with colleagues at work and sharing the Gospel with them there. But every once in a while, we …

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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
The Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA) has its triennial convention coming up this October and has asked for the prayers of their brothers and sisters here in Canada. In their letter requesting prayer, they noted to Revd Timothy Teuscher, our President of LCC, that on the docket for this fall once again is the issue of whether they will ordain women into the Office of the Holy Ministry. This will mark the fourth time this issue has gone before the convention, and it threatens the …

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[August 24, 2018 | One Comment | ]

By: John Hellwege
The situation looks bad for traditional, conservative Christians. The prestige of the Christian Church has been steadily undermined. Social views of morality have changed, with pornography, prostitution, and homosexuality becoming common and even publically celebrated. On top of this, there are economic challenges, and even a country that seems to be losing its identity. Into this mix comes a political party that promises to restore the economy, dignity, and morality of the nation. The party officially endorses a non-sectarian “positive Christianity.” This sounds very good and many church …

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By: Rev. Ted Geise
Big Shark Shallow Story
When Steven Spielberg’s Jaws hit theatres in 1975 the film’s tagline was: “You’ll never go in the water again.” Some people didn’t, and many more had second thoughts every time they dipped their toes in water —even at their local swimming pool! Jon Turteltaub’s The Meg (2018) won’t likely scare up the same response. The corny $130 million B-film about a believed long-extinct 70-foot megalodon shark hunting marine biologists and oceanographers in the waters around a western Pacific billionaire-funded state-of-the-art research laboratory may take …

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[August 13, 2018 | No Comment | ]

by Esko Murto
To tell a complicated thing in a simple way is better than telling a simple thing in a complicated way. Rod Dreher’s 2017 book The Benedict Option falls into the first category. It is approachable, easy to read, and clear enough, but deals with a topic both important and complex—namely, how the Christian Church can go on in a post-Christian world.
What’s so Benedictine about the Benedict Option?
The name “Benedict Option” needs a bit of explaining though—and after that, a bit of more explaining. The Benedict of the title …

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