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This article reflects on the section of Luther’s Small Catechism “Christian Questions and Answers. Read the relevant portion online here.: http://catechism.cph.org/en/questions-answers.html
Many, if not most, editions of the Small Catechism published in recent centuries conclude the enchiridion (handbook portion, as distinct from the expository portion with its questions and answers and with the Biblical support) with a set of questions and answers said to have been drawn up by Martin Luther to enable the pastor to question the Christian, or to enable the Christian to ask himself or herself, in preparation …

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Formula inter-galactic fare
by Ted Giese
Plagued by constant reports of trouble on set under the film’s original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller, rumours of actor Alden Ehrenreich’s struggle to nail a convincing Han Solo, and a mounting backlash within the Star Wars fan base following Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi (2017), director Ron Howard had his work cut out for him as he completed Solo: A Star Wars Story. Howard is a technical director; he always gets the job done, yet his films often lack depth and take few risks. …

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On May 29th, representatives from the Lutheran Church Synod of Nicaragua (ILSN) and Christian Mission Association in Nicaragua (AMCN), advised Lutheran Church Canada (LCC) that they no longer view it as safe to send mission teams and other representatives to Nicaragua, due to the escalating unrest and uncertainty.
The current situation in the Central American nation of Nicaragua has grown more tense since changes to the country’s social security system triggered protesters to take to the streets for the past month. The protests have prompted clashes between protesters, the government, and …

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In two annual events Lutheran Church–Canada received five church workers and sent an additional six into the field for a year of vicarage in preparation for the pastoral ministry.

Concordia Lutheran Seminary, Edmonton held its Sacred Convocation, Thursday, May 24 at Bethel Lutheran Church in nearby Sherwood Park, Alta. During the service three men received their Master of Divinity degrees and accepted placements in parishes:

Scott Brayall Faith, Grand Prairie, Alta.
Kai Buck Peace, Trail/St. Peter, Castlegar, B.C.
Andrew McDonald, Lord of Life, Kamloops, B.C.

In addition, Lenora Wallden received certification as a deacon (Director …

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After more than a decade of Gospel outreach, Lutheran Church Canada work in Costa Rica has been suspended
Lutheran Church–Canada (LCC) missionaries, Pastor Edmundo Retana and his wife Deaconess Betty Solórzano Cevallos have announced that they are resigning from the mission in Costa Rica, citing personal and family reasons. With their resignations, there are no LCC or Iglesia Luterana-Sínodo de Nicaragua (ILSN) workers in Costa Rica.
In his letter of resignation, Rev. Retana stated, “I am grateful to our Lord for allowing me to serve him for all these years. And to you, …

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The Board of Directors of Lutheran Church-Canada (LCC) approved two recommendations from its Restructuring Working Group during its April 26th meeting regarding the election of lay members to the Regional Mission and Ministry Councils (RMMC) and the effective date of office. LCC’s Commission on Nominations and Elections (CNE), elected in October 2017, oversees the nomination and election of Regional Pastors, Circuit Councillors and lay members of the RMMCs.
Earlier this year the CNE requested that congregations provide the names of nominees for all regional positions. This process is underway and nominations …

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