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[April 27, 2018]

WINNIPEG – To prepare for the District conventions this fall, Synod’s Commission on Nominations and Elections (CNE) is asking each LCC congregation to bring forward names of pastors to serve as Regional Pastor, Circuit Counsellor, and a layperson to serve on the new Regional Mission and Ministry Councils. As members of Lutheran Church–Canada each congregation is requested and encouraged to submit two names for each position and may do so at an official meeting of the congregation whether a Voters Assembly, Church Council, or Board of Directors.
Congregations and parishes received printed …

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[April 26, 2018]

WINNIPEG – Congregations of Lutheran Church–Canada (LCC) have voted to approve Synod’s amended constitution by a large margin. Of the 300 congregations eligible to vote, 222 sent in ballots with 206 voting for adoption, 12 voting against the changes, one abstention, and three late ballots. Secretary of Synod, Grace Henderson announced the results today noting that to pass, the vote required a 2/3 majority of ballots received.
To plan for the possible positive vote by congregations, the Board of Directors’ Restructuring Working Group met April 10 by conference call to prioritize …

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[April 25, 2018]

by Paul Zabel
Earlier this month, people throughout Canada, North America, even the world learned of the horrific bus crash in rural Saskatchewan involving the members and those connected with the Humboldt Broncos Jr. Hockey Team. Following this tragedy as I attended worship in a couple of different churches in our East District of Lutheran Church–Canada, I was encouraged and personally strengthened by the prayers spoken by the pastors on behalf of those involved and for those affected either directly or indirectly. Now, only 17 days later, on Monday, April 23, …

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[April 25, 2018]

by Mathew Block
On April 25, 1518, about half a year following the publication of The 95 Theses, Martin Luther presented at a debate during a meeting of the Augustinian order in Heidelberg, Germany. Here Luther moved away from the question of indulgences into deeper subjects: the question of how we are saved. In The Heidelberg Disputation and its accompanying explanations, Luther made clear he no longer trusted in works righteousness as a road to salvation. Salvation must come instead through Christ alone.
The disputation is best remembered for articulating the difference …

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[April 24, 2018]

STADTHAGEN, Germany – A special convention of the Independent Evangelical Lutheran Church of Germany (SELK) convened Thursday, April 19 to elect a bishop upon the expiration of the current bishop’s term of office. Rev. Hans-Jörg Voigt was elected in 2005 to serve a twelve-year term.
To prepare for the 2018 convention, last year SELK’s national pastoral conference nominated Bishop Voigt and Pastor Markus Nietzke as candidates for the position. During the Thursday afternoon session, the two candidates responded to questions submitted by delegates prior to the gathering. Forty-seven voting delegates participated in …

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[April 23, 2018]

CHINANDEGA, Nicaragua – After almost a week of protests over social security tax increases and reduced pensions the Nicaraguan government reversed the new policy after conducting discussions with business leaders bringing about a fragile peace. The demonstrations in the capital city Managua, mostly by students, turned violent when police and military intervened. Some reports state up to 25 people died.
Over the weekend the protests erupted in other urban centres including Chinandega, site of Lutheran Church–Canada’s mission centre, as well as Leon, Matagalpa, Granada, and Masaya—all cities served by Lutheran Church …